Relaxing space with the great view and healing onsen.
Relieve the weariness of the travel

There are many well-known onsen in Hakuba.
Please enjoy the view of the Northern Alps under the clear blue sky and relieve the weariness of the travel.

Hakuba Himekawa Onsen

Himekawa Onsen is wells up from Himekawa River and said that it has good warm up effect. The effects of hot spring baths include recovery from fatigue, chronic dermatitis and more, and enjoy soft spring quality. And the view from onsen will heal not only your body but also your heart.

Hakuba Himekawa Onsen
Spring quality
Sodium & Chloride springs
Muscular pain, arthritis, sensitivity to cold, health promotion, recovery from fatigue and more

Feel the rich nature and the seasons in open-air bath.

Open-air Bath


The view of Hakuba is magnificent
Please relax and enjoy in open-air bath.

Enjoy the nature from large window

Public Bath


A picturesque view of the nature from the window.
Please spent a relaxing time in the well-cleaned public bath.

Guest Rooms


Breathtaking view of mountains.
The great view is yours.

You can enjoy the Northern Alps from all the rooms,
and the beautiful view will be an unforgettable memory.
Western-style hotel and condominium that suit your stay.
Depending on your use, it will produce your resort life.
Neat and clean well-lit room. User friendly room layout.
The rooms are available not only for two but for groups and families.

A picturesque view from the window.
The resort that you two can feel the nature.

Western-style Twin

TWIN TYPE Non-smoking

Room area 27

Available People 2-3people

Maximum three people are available by using a sofa bed.

  • Whether the room is in Hakuba-side or Goryu-side will be informed on the day.

※The photo is an example of a room

Spacious room recommended for groups.
Spent a relaxing time with your family or friends.

Japanese Western Style Family Room

FAMILY TYPE No smoking

Room Area 54-60

Available people 4-6people

Maximum six people are available by using a sofa bed.

※The photo is an example of a room.

All rooms are non-smoking


Smoking is prohibited in all rooms of Hotel Hakuba.
Please use the designated smoking area.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.


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